Fundamentals of Astrodynamics and Applications Fourth Edition

Fundamentals of Astrodynamics and Applications, Fourth Edition


Software and Data

Software routines for the second edition of David Vallado’s book are available for downloading at no cost. They are given in FORTRAN, PASCAL, and C. Errata for the second edition are also available here. If you have any new errata or comments about the book or software, please E-mail us at

Organization of the Material

The code is available in several languages, and it is organized roughly according to function. Where feasible, all the time routines are in one file, the math techniques in another, and so forth.

AST2BODYTwo-body relations
COMPLXComplex math
CONSTSConstants WGS-84, JGM-2, etc.
ASTDCDifferential correction
ASTIODInitial orbit determination
ASTREDUCReduction of coordinates
ASTUTILCharacter operations
SGP4UNITSGP4 routines
SGP4DCSGP4 Orbit Determination routines

Several data files are needed for some of the files.

NUT85.DATNutation coefficients for planetary 85
NUTATION.DATNutation coefficients for 106
ATMOSEXP.DATSample exponential atmosphere values
TESTASTF.DATInput for sample test program
SENSOR.DATSensor sample values
GEOS1.INDC input test 1
GEOS2.INDC input test 2
GEOS5.INDC input test 5
GEOS1.TXTDC sample output results 1
GEOS2.TXTDC sample output results 2
GEOS5.TXTDC sample output results 5
SGP4-VER.TLESample SGP4 test cases

Cross-Reference of Available Functions [Excel spreadsheet]

Within each file there are specific routines to accomplish various operations. Effort has been taken to use similar names and function scopes, although there are some differences based on language features. The SOFTWARE worksheet discusses the specific routines that are available within each larger technical area.

The ALGORITHMS worksheet lists which routines are available (MATLAB).

The EXAMPLES worksheet lists what MATLAB scripts will perform the example exercises in the text. Many are complete, but a few remain to finish all the examples in the text.

The test program is a simple program that executes the input/output operations of each subroutine in that package. There isn’t anything fancy about it. It’s just intended to be a quick check of the answers. The TESTASTF.DAT file contains my results using the codes. Additional work is needed to update this file, but it’s a start.

STK Scenarios from Chapter 6 (5,592,553 bytes)

These scenarios are useful to see the various transfers in 3-D. Other scenarios are in various stages of development.

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